Sony brings PSN toolbar to

Sony has been slow to add new functionality to its PlayStation Network and integrate it across platforms. Take two-factor authorization, for example, which they first announced last April and finally released in August. Today, they’ve introduced another better-late-than-never feature: adding PSN interaction to their home site. Simply log in using your browser and you’ll be able to message all your buddies and view your profile, in case you need to prove to your coworkers how many platinum trophies you’ve earned.

Sure, it’s not a ton of functionality, but it’s at least more convenient to type dispatches on a laptop than tapping them out on a PlayStation App-equipped device or, god forbid, using a PS4 controller. It’s a bit more cumbersome to use with a mobile browser, but if you’re on an Android or iOS machine then just use the app, you silly goose.


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