Samsung's stylish mobile accessories are launching worldwide

What you see above is Samsung’s suite of stylish accessories, each meant to be paired with a smartphone or tablet for entertainment and functional purposes. Up until today, the company had only offered these products in South Korea, but starting in November they’ll arrive at select markets worldwide. There are six peripherals total, including a wireless charging tray, a battery pack, a Bluetooth LED light, in-ear headphones and two wireless speakers (one of which features 360-degree audio). Naturally, these have one thing in common, and that’s their sleek, minimalist design.

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t release any pricing information for any of them — likely because that will depend on the country you’re in. While you wait for them to hit online stores, though, you can have a closer look at them in our gallery of press images. The only thing missing is a stylish fire extinguisher to take care of the Note 7’s woes.

Gallery: Samsung stylish mobile accessories press images | 7 Photos

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