'Futurama' writer heads YouTube's first original animated series

YouTube is adding the first animated series to its roster of original offerings on November 16th. That’s when the streaming website’s subscription service will start airing Paranormal Action Squad, a project helmed by Futurama and Family Guy writer Michael Rowe. Since YouTube works with the biggest names on the website for its originals, the company tapped gaming and animation creators Vanoss, SeaNanners and Mr_Sark to create what sounds like an eight-episode racy Ghostbusters-like comedy. SeaNanners and Mr_Sark will also voice the main characters — two ill-equipped paranormal investigators — while Vanoss will voice their owl-headed neighbor.

This represents YouTube’s latest move to entice viewers to sign up for the $10-a-month Red subscription service launched late last year. It gives you the power to watch not just originals, but all of the website’s videos without ads of any kind. Earlier this year, the service introduced a number of original programmings, including one starring the massively popular (and controversial) PewDiePie. To get a quick look at Paranormal Action Squad, check out a behind-the-scenes video below:


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