Amazon owes parents cash refunds for their kids in-app purchases

Back in April, a judge found Amazon liable for in-app purchases made by children without their parent’s permission, and now he’s established a method for the retailer to pay them back. According to Reuters, Amazon will have to set up a notice-and-claims process next year to let parents know they’re eligible for the reimbursements.

While calling an FTC request for a $26.5 million lump-sum payout “too high,” Judge John Coughenour also declined Amazon’s offer of gift cards, since that would return some of the money to the company itself. The result of a case filed by the FTC in 2014, the whole thing happened because Amazon didn’t provide protections for apps labeled as “free,” and now it has to pay up. We assume this will be one of the platform talking points for Kanye 2020.

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